RIPACK Rapid Shrink Wrap Heat Gun Tool Kit Propane Boat Cover Tarp R2200 2200

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RIPACK Rapid Shrink Wrap Heat Gun Tool Kit Propane Boat Cover Tarp R2200 2200

With 72 kW of power, the Ripack 2200 is the most powerful shrink gun on the market, with the Ripack Series 3000. It also retains all of the key points that made its predecessors so popular: safety (patented cold nozzle and securipack), robust construction and quality.

Kit contains:

  • 1 RIPACK® 2200 heat gun,
  • 1 Securipack - variable pressure regulator with safety valve
  • 8 metres/ 26ft propane gas hose reinforced against abrasion, supplied with original nut connectors and swivel connector
  • 1 Spanner
  • Instruction booklet and guarantee card

30 % more powerful, meaning that an average pallet is completed in just one and a half minutes.
Its power, up to 72 kW, creates a major coverage area, thus saving time. A wide range of settings starting at 40 kW enables shrinking of all film types, from the finest upwards...

More ergonomic:
Lighter, well-balanced and easy grip, the RIPACK 2200 nozzle can be pivoted, even while in operation, for easy and precise results.
Even more pleasant to use with its patented, almost instantaneous start up.

Increased modularity:
With its patented extensions system, in just a few seconds your RIPACK 2200 can increase its potential range for even greater effect.

More robust:
Already renowned for its solid construction, the RIPACK 2200 has gone even further by protecting every part that might be adversely affected by impact, heat or breakage.

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40 to 72 KW
21 to 50 psi


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