New Mercury 8HP Tiller Outboards

New Mercury 8HP Tiller Outboards

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Mercury 8 Horsepower Tiller Outboard Motors 

For smooth operation and unbeatable fuel efficiency, you can’t go wrong with the Mercury Marine 8 tiller hp outboard. A massive reduction in emissions means you can support environmental preservation while having fun on the water. Enhanced fuel consumption also saves money over time, making this motor an economical choice for boaters.  

While improved fuel efficiency is a highlight of this incredibly reliable motor, other features are just as impressive: 

  • Stress-free performance 
  • Quiet exhaust 
  • One-hand operation 
  • Compact design
  • Over-rev protection
  • Auto-ratchet system 

The Mercury Marine 8 horsepower tiller outboard motor provides a great boost of power to aluminum or fiberglass fishing boats, but it’s also compatible with inflatable vessels and other types of small watercraft.  

If you’re looking for something lightweight with a respectable power output, check out our selection of portable tiller motors 2.5-25hp 

How much does an 8hp Mercury outboard weigh? 

The weight of the Mercury Marine 8 horsepower outboard varies according to model. Both the 8MH (15” shaft) and the 8MLH (20” shaft) have a dry weight equal to 84 pounds.  

The 8EH (15” shaft) and the 8ELH (20” shaft) are slightly heavier at 91 and 93 pounds, respectively, but are still quite lightweight when compared to other outboards offering the same power output.  

How much fuel does an 8hp tiller outboard use? 

When compared to a standard 2-stroke motor, the Mercury Marine 8 tiller outboard 4-stroke requires 40% less fuel to run. This impressive fuel efficiency has much to do with the clean-running design of the outboard, which also means fewer emissions.  

While the outboard has earned a 3-star rating from the California Air Resources Board, it actually exceeds the standards associated with the rating. When put to the test against a 2-stroke, this motor offers a 91% reduction of harmful emissions.  

Like with gauging top speeds, certain factors can affect how much fuel a motor consumes. In general, an 8 hp 4-stroke outboard can use about 0.85 gallons of fuel every hour. However, the exact figures vary according to whether you’re performing a straightforward fuel test, testing while the boat is idling, or testing while the boat is running at full throttle.    

How fast does an 8 hp outboard go? 

While your speed will vary according to many factors, an 8 hp outboard boat motor is capable of achieving some highly impressive speeds. This motor can easily reach speeds of 19 to 20 mph, but with the right boat and water conditions, speeds of 25 mph may also be possible.  

Keep in mind that even the speediest outboard motors may be unable to reach their top speeds due to factors such as: 

  • Boat size and weight
  • Weather conditions
  • Depth of water 
  • Hull design
  • Weight of boating equipment
  • Number of passengers aboard 

Shop NuWave Marine for a wide selection of outboard motors 

Here at NuWave Marine, we’ve proudly served boaters and mechanics for more than three decades. Browse our sizable selection of Mercury outboard motors to find the right one for your needs. Not sure? We’re always happy to make recommendations to help customers find the perfect option. Call today to speak with a friendly and knowledgeable representative!