New Mercury 25HP Tiller Outboards

New Mercury 25HP Tiller Outboards

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25 Horsepower Mercury Tiller Outboard Motors 

Beautifully combining power and performance in one convenient package, the Mercury Marine 25 hp tiller outboard is ideal for boaters in search of adventure. While it provides lots of get-up-and-go, this motor also runs like a dream, with minimal noise and vibration. That means it’s perfectly suited to wild days on the water, as well as more serene excursions.  

As for essential maintenance, a special no-spill oil system and a simplified process for changing gear lubricant means boaters can spend their time doing what they love, as opposed to toiling away in a garage all day. Other top features include: 

  • Convenient adaptable tiller 
  • Compact outboard design 
  • Quick acceleration 
  • Remote controls
  • Ability to haul heavy loads
  • Reliable starting regardless of weather 

NuWave Marine has what you’re looking for when it comes to essential boating supplies and equipment. Along with this outboard, we invite customers to check out our wide selection of portable tiller motors 2.5-25hp to find the right fit for their needs.  

How much does a Mercury 25 hp outboard weigh? 

Swiftness is crucial on the water, and the last thing a boater wants is for their outboard to weigh them down when tracking a big catch. That’s why the Mercury Marine 25 horsepower tiller outboard features an all-new design that is 15% lighter compared to prior versions. Keep in mind that dry weight varies according to model: 

  • EFI 25MH (15” shaft) – 157 pounds 
  • EFI 25EH (15” shaft) – 164 pounds 
  • EFI 25MLH (20” shaft) – 167 pounds 
  • EFI 25ELH (20” shaft) – 171 pounds 
  • EFI 25ELHPT (20” shaft) – 177 pounds
  • 25ELHGA Jet (20” shaft) – 195 pounds 

Despite the compact design, boaters can still expect top performance from this impressive motor.  

What is the best fuel for a 25 hp tiller outboard motor? 

Using the recommended fuel in an outboard ensures top performance while also preventing major damage to the motor and the fuel system. With the Mercury Marine 25 outboard, the manufacturer suggests using a minimum 87 octane with up to 10% ethanol for the best results. You can also use fuel additives on this outboard and other Mercury portable remote motors 2.5-25hp to extend the lifespan of your boating equipment.  

How many hours will a 25 hp Mercury outboard last? 

The superior design of this 25 hp tiller outboard boat motor means that you should enjoy many hours of reliable usage. In general, you can expect up to 4,000 hours of function, but some of these motors can last as long as 12,000 hours without exhibiting any major signs of damage.  

Proper maintenance is one essential aspect of reliable operation, and this tiller outboard has lower maintenance requirements thanks to its innovative design. Also, keep in mind that the harder you are on the engine, the shorter its lifespan will be, regardless of factors like maintenance regularity or quality design and construction.  

Purchase your next outboard motor from NuWave Marine  

Shop Mercury outboard motors and parts at NuWave Marine. Our team is happy to put our years of experience to work in helping answer any questions you might have. We’ll make sure you get the right engine to keep you out on the water and getting the most out of your investment.