Mercury Portable Tiller Motors (2.5-25HP)

Mercury Portable Tiller Motors (2.5-25HP)

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Mercury Portable Tiller Motors (2.5 - 25HP)

A compact outboard tiller motor from Mercury Marine is the perfect way to power a small boat. With options ranging from 2.5 to 25 HP, Mercury Marine outboard tiller motors come in enough configurations and options to satisfy the needs of any boater, backed up by almost a century of design experience.

The difference between tiller and remote outboard motors

The key difference between remote outboard motors and tiller motors is in their method of control. Remote motors, as the name implies, rely on a series of linkage cables to transmit input from the boat’s driver to the engine. Outboard tiller boat motors, on the other hand, have a physical handle that the driver manipulates to steer the boat as they wish.

The greatest advantage of a Mercury tiller outboard motor is that they are lightweight and reliable, making them ideal for small fishing and recreational boats.

How to start a Mercury outboard tiller motor?

For the most recent models of Mercury Marine outboard tiller motors, starting the engine will usually require just tilting the motor down into the water and turning the key, just like in a car. Other models, such as carbureted two-stroke motors, may not be so simple, however. For those kinds of outboard tiller motors, the first step is to tilt the engine so that fuel can reach the carburetor, then squeeze the fuel pump’s primer bulb until it is stiff. Then, while the engine is in neutral, advance the throttle up to ⅔, followed by turning the key and pushing to choke and crank at the same time. Finally, once the engine has started, you can release the choke and return to neutral.

How to break in a new Mercury tiller outboard motor?

While it may be tempting to take your new Mercury outboard motor tiller out on the water and push it to the limit, doing so can end up damaging the motor and impacting its fuel efficiency. The best way to properly break in a Mercury tiller outboard motor is to follow the instructions in your owner’s manual on how to handle the first few hours of the motor’s operation. You’ll want to let the motor warm up and reach its normal running temperature before starting any real operations, then spend the next two hours varying the motor’s RPMs (usually between 0 and 4500 RPMs). Every ten minutes, you can run the motor wide-open, so that it runs at as wide a range of conditions as possible. After those two hours, you can run the motor as you regularly would, but never for more than five minutes at wide-open throttle for the next ten hours or so.

 For nearly four decades, NuWave Marine has been supplying our customers with the best in Mercury outboard motors. If tiller outboard motors aren’t what you need, we also offer a full range of Mercury remote outboard motors, as well as outboard motors over 30 horsepower if you need something with a little more muscle. Our expert staff is always eager to help you find the solution to your boat’s mechanical trouble, so don’t hesitate to give us a call today!