Mercury Outboard Motors

Mercury Outboard Motors

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Mercury Outboard Motors

 With options ranging from small 5hp outboard motors to larger and more powerful versions, our inventory of Mercury Marine outboard motors and parts can help you find just what your boat needs.

 For nearly a century, Mercury Marine has been a top producer of boat motors. Decades of experience combined with a dedication to designing boat motors from the ground up rather than adapting pre-existing models mean that Mercury outboard motors are often the first choice for any discerning boater or mechanic.

Difference between outboard and inboard motors

As the name might imply, the greatest difference between inboard and outboard motors is where they are mounted. An inboard motor is mounted inside the boat, typically at the hull. This layout, also known as a sterndrive (as the drive is placed at the stern of the boat) combines an internal combustion engine with a steerable drive unit under the waterline.

 Outboards, on the other hand, are dedicated marine engines that attach directly to the stern of the boat, on the outside hull. Smaller outboard motors are operated by hand with a lever or handle, while larger versions connect to the boat’s steering system. One major advantage of outboard motors is that they are easier to remove from the boat for the sake of storage or maintenance. They are also typically less expensive than inboard motors.

How to start a Mercury outboard motor?

For the most recent 2-stroke and 4-stroke Mercury outboard motors, starting the engine is as simple as tilting the motor down into the water and turning the key like on a car. A carbureted 2-stroke motor, however, may not be as simple. For those models, you will need to tilt the engine so that fuel can easily reach the carburetor, then squeeze the fuel pump’s primer bulb until it is firm. While in neutral, advance the throttle up to ⅔, then turn the key and push to choke and crank at the same time. Once the engine has started, release the choke and return to neutral.

How to break in a new Mercury outboard motor?

When you get a new Mercury Marine outboard motor, it may be tempting to get out on the water and start pushing it as hard as possible. Doing so, however, is a surefire way to push the motor too far and damage it. To properly break in a new outboard boat motor, you’ll want to follow the instructions provided in the owner’s manual. Let the motor warm up and get up to running temperature before starting any real operations, then for the next two hours vary the motor’s RPMs, typically between 0 and 4500 RPMs. Every ten minutes, you’ll also want to run the motor wide-open, so that the motor can operate at a range of conditions. After these two hours, you can run the motor as you regularly would, but never for longer than five minutes at wide-open throttle.

For nearly four decades, NuWave Marine has been supplying the best engines and maintenance kits for Mercury outboard motors. Whatever you have questions about, from Mercury outboard oil and filters to starters for outboard motors, our decades of expertise means we’re always able to help, whether you’re a DIYer in your garage or a professional mechanic.