Bravo 3 Outdrives & Lower Units

Bravo 3 Outdrives & Lower Units

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MerCruiser Bravo 3 Outdrives & Lower Units

 Available in a range of gear ratios, the Bravo 3 Outdrive is one of the finest outdrive engines available in the boating world today. Putting out 320 horsepower, the engine drives twin contra-rotating propellers in the Bravo 3 lower unit that provide exceptional handling and performance. By rotating in opposite directions, the propellers cancel each other’s prop torque, which allows for better tracking across all operating conditions, from the open sea to docking, in both forward and reverse. Manufactured from heat-treated stainless steel and precision-shimmed bevel gears, the MerCruiser Bravo 3 lower unit is reliable, powerful, and easy to handle.

MerCruiser Bravo 3 Lower Units

 When it comes to outboard boat engines, few companies enjoy the same reputation as Mercury Marine. Where some competitors choose to take automobile engines and retrofit them to be suitable for marine operations, Mercury designs its MerCruiser engines from the ground up to function on boats, with no compromises or cut corners. At NuWave Marine, we pride ourselves on providing the latest in MerCruiser engines, the Bravo 3 outdrive and lower unit, with full OEM parts.

How many quarts does a Mercury Marine Bravo 3 lower unit take?

Like other Bravo lower units, the Bravo 3 lower unit requires lubricating oil to ensure safe and smooth operation. For safest operating results, we recommend around three quarts of high-quality lube. The process of changing the oil on the Bravo 3 lower unit is essentially the same as on any Mercruiser outdrive, which involves unscrewing the drain plug with a flathead screwdriver and vent tube, and then letting the oil drain out into a pan set below the lower unit. Once that’s done, you can begin pumping fresh oil into the lower unit to replace what’s been drained.

How to remove a Bravo 3 lower unit?

Removing the lower unit can sometimes be necessary for maintenance or replacing worn-out parts. The best way to do so is by starting with securing the drive in a holding fixture, so that it does not slip or shift while you’re working on it. Before separating the unit, you should also mark the trim tab’s location so you return it to the right place when you reassemble the drive. Once that’s done, you’ll want to remove the Allen screw above the trim tab, as well as the trim tab itself.

 Finally, you’ll need to remove the ⅝ inch nuts from the anti-cavitation plate, the leading edge of the drive shaft housing, and the sides of the housing. Once that’s done, you can lift the upper gear housing up and away from the lower unit, allowing you to safely remove the lower unit.

At NuWave Marine, we carry more than just Bravo 3 outdrives. Our comprehensive inventory also includes Bravo 1 lower units and Bravo 2 lower units, as well as everything you need to keep them running smoothly. We’ve been in this business for nearly four decades and have the expertise to match. If you need help repairing your boat or finding the right parts, contact our expert staff today!