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Thru transom fittings

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NuWave Marine carries MerCruiser exhaust thru transom fittings for every type of MerCruiser exhaust system. Boat engines and exhaust systems suffer from a lot of stresses during use. Add in the corrosive qualities of water, and it makes sense that parts wear out every now and then. Because of this, NuWave Marine recommends inspecting your boat’s exhaust every year and replacing parts for saltwater boats every five years. Thru transom exhaust fittings don't take quite as much stress as manifolds and exhaust risers, but it's important to make sure they're in good condition. You don't want to be taking on water because this relatively simple component has failed.

Metal Thru Hull Transom Mount Fittings

At NuWave Marine, you’ll find a thru transom exhaust fitting to fit just about any boat, with sizes including 2.5", 3", and 4" fittings. Since this is one of the main places where water can get into your boat, it’s imperative that the seal between the fitting and the transom is well maintained. It only takes a minute to inspect your through hull exhaust fitting, and in this case, an ounce of prevention is worth several pounds of cure. When you’re shopping for MerCruiser 4.3 exhaust parts, why not choose a new thru transom fitting too?

Transom Thru Hull Exhaust Fitting

Made from stainless steel, these straight-shank exhaust fittings won’t easily corrode. They’re the perfect part to go with MerCruiser OEM exhausts. Of course, just because stainless steel is rust-proof, doesn’t mean you don’t have to still be mindful of the bolts, sealing, and the area around your transom fitting. If you have any questions about your thru transom exhaust, don’t hesitate to contact our team.

Invest in Quality Replacement Parts

Since the 1980s, NuWave Marine has been supplying boaters and boat mechanics with only high-quality replacement parts. From the components you need to replace entire MerCruiser exhausts, to small, yet important parts like MerCruiser exhaust flappers, we have the inventory you need to keep your boat on the water and performing like new.