Mercruiser 454 - 502 Exhaust Kits

Mercruiser 454 - 502 Exhaust Kits

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If you are looking to improve your Mercruiser 7.4 exhaust system, NuWave Marine has the Mercruiser 7.4-454-502 exhaust parts you need. Our Mercruiser 454-502 exhaust kits offer your engine premium-grade manifolds, risers, and gaskets. These parts are sure to fit the 454 and 502 center riser style engines allowing your Mercruiser exhaust to perform efficiently.

Use Mercruiser 454-502 Exhaust Kits for Regular Maintenance

The most prominent problem with the exhaust system is the small water leaks in the exhaust chamber that accumulate over time. These water leaks can lead to big problems in any exhaust system. It is recommended to change your exhaust parts every five years to be safe. You can use the Mercruiser 454 exhaust kits as a reference to see what parts need replacing. If properly serviced, a Mercruiser exhaust system can last more than five years in saltwater and up to a decade in a freshwater application. 

NuWave Marine advises consistent parts replacement yearly for every year added to the five-year recommended saltwater lifespan. To avoid water leaks, you can replace the riser and manifold with Mercruiser 454-502 manifold kits and riser kits. These replacements will allow you to check on the exhaust manifold, riser, Y-pipes, and gaskets for any signs of leakage, corrosion, and wear.

Also, check for rust in the exhaust ports when replacing the manifold. Rust in the exhaust ports can decrease engine performance and efficiencies, such as speed and acceleration.

Mercruiser 502 Exhaust Riser Kits

The exhaust riser not only needs high enough elevation above the waterline, but it also needs to be perfectly sealed to the manifold. Ensure the studs tightly connect the Mercruiser 502 exhaust riser to the manifold. This tight seal will prevent cooling water from entering the cylinder.

You can also use a riser spacer in conjunction with Mercruiser 502 exhaust riser kits to elevate the riser above the waterline. The spacer helps to prevent water from backing up into the exhaust pipe. 

Mercruiser Exhaust Kits You Can Trust

For over four decades, Nuwave Marine has provided boat owners and marine mechanics with premium replacement parts. Rest assured to get quality exhaust manifolds,Y-pipe parts, gaskets, and riser elbows in Mercruiser 7.4 exhaust kits.