Mercruiser 74-454-502 Exhaust Parts

Mercruiser 74-454-502 Exhaust Parts

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74-454-502 Exhaust Parts

NuWave Marine has the quality Mercruiser 7.4-454-502 exhaust parts you need to keep your boat’s engine from breaking down. If one part of the Mercruiser exhaust system is compromised, other parts will also get damaged. Whether it’s one faulty component that needs to be replaced or you're looking to rebuild the whole system, we’ve got all the parts and accessories required, from exhaust manifolds to spacer kits, riser elbows, Y-pipes, and more.

The consensus on exhaust manifolds and risers is that they can last about five years in saltwater applications. In freshwater, however, the lifespan of the exhaust system can rise to 10 years. Most engine manufacturers do not provide an estimate on how long these parts will last. However, with meticulous inspections and proper servicing, you may be able to extend the usual lifespan of your exhaust manifold and riser by 2-3 years.

Mercruiser 7.4 exhaust manifold gasket and other parts

At NuWave Marine, we recommend inspecting your exhaust manifold, gaskets, and riser every year. Look out for signs of heavy corrosion between the manifold and riser and under the exhaust manifold. If the paint is peeling out, then your riser and manifold could be overheating. If you notice any of these signs, your exhaust system likely requires some replacement parts.

Ready to replace worn-out exhaust manifolds? We’ve got the premium parts to do it. Whether you need a Mercruiser 454-502 7.4l head bolt, Mercruiser 7.4 exhaust risers spacer elbows, a “T” fitting for under the manifold, an exhaust bellows, or any other part, you can depend on us for consistent quality, fast shipping, and unmatched customer service.  

Mercruiser 7.4 454 502 exhaust manifold & riser kit

We’ve got spacer kits and more to help you replace and assemble your engine components. The different components in a kit are already engineered to fit together with precision. Mercruiser 7.4-454-502 exhaust kits contain risers, manifolds, gaskets, studs, and spacers to efficiently and cost-effectively rebuild your entire exhaust system. 7.4-454-502 Y pipe parts that come with exhaust flappers to complete the setup.

Choose NuWave Marine for Your Premium Exhaust Parts

NuWave Marine has provided boat owners with premium replacement parts for over four decades. We are ready to use our vast knowledge and experience to help you find the right exhaust part for your engine. Contact us today if you have any questions about which parts you need to keep your boat’s engine purring smoothly for this season and beyond.