7.4-454-502 Exhaust Parts

7.4-454-502 Exhaust Parts

Mercruiser 7.4-454-502 Exhaust Parts

NuWave Marine carries a full inventory of MerCruiser 7.4-454-502 exhaust parts to help you replace a worn-out component or do a full rebuild. We’ve got all the replacement parts you need to get your engine running clean and at maximum power.

We recommend changing OEM exhaust parts for salt water engines every 5 years to be safe. Manifolds and exhaust risers can last longer, but you’re really tempting fate if you try to push it. In fresh water environment, these parts may last upwards of 10 years, but it’s always best to keep an eye on their condition. Should you notice any leakage or corrosion, you should replace the damaged part immediately with MerCruiser exhaust parts from NuWave Marine. We carry the MerCruiser 7.4-454-502 exhaust manifold & riser kit that is perfect for rebuilding your exhaust system, as well as smaller items like risers, elbows, gaskets, and bolts.

MerCruiser 7.4 Exhaust Manifold

NuWave Marine carries MerCruiser exhaust manifolds made specially for this 7.4L engine. Not the biggest engine out there, but one that packs a lot of horsepower, you expect high performance out of your 7.4L motor. By regularly inspecting your engine for leaks and replacing parts as they wear out, you can get max power out of your boat.

MerCruiser 454 Exhaust Manifold

If you’re looking for parts for the popular MerCruiser 454 engine, you’ve come to the right place. We stock a full line of exhaust manifolds and other replacement parts. When you’re inspecting your exhaust system, make sure that you don't forget to pay close attention to your riser. Risers keep water from splashing back into the engine, and also introduce cooling water to the exhaust system. If you notice anything out of the ordinary, or it’s simply been a long time since it’s been replaced, check out our full inventory of MerCruiser 7.4 risers to make an upgrade.

MerCruiser 502 Exhaust Parts

The 502 is a big block V8 that can put out up to 430 horsepower, but just like the smaller engines, a leaking exhaust system can have disastrous results. Make sure to carefully check for mismatched riser temperature, as that can indicate a blockage in the elbow or manifold.

NuWave Marine has been helping boat owners and mechanic shops service MerCruiser engines since the 1980s. We have a large stock of OEM and high-quality aftermarket parts, competitive prices, and fast shipping. We are happy to help if you have any questions, so please don’t hesitate to call or email.