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MerCruiser 2010+ EC Catalyst Exhaust

MerCruiser 2010+ EC Catalyst Exhaust

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MerCruiser 2010+ EC Catalyst Exhaust

NuWave Marine has the MerCruiser Catalyst exhaust parts and kits you need to upgrade your exhaust system or replace worn-out or faulty components to keep your boat engine humming like new.

If you’ve ever worked with any type of internal combustion engine, you know the exhaust system plays a vital role. Whereas with a car, a poorly maintained exhaust can lead to poor engine performance, on a boat, the stakes are much higher. A leaky gasket or corroded part can lead to water seeping into your engine, which can have disastrous results. At NuWave Marine, we recommend that salt water engines have their exhaust systems inspected regularly, and replaced after 5 years. For fresh water applications, they can last longer, but it’s still important to keep a close eye on them, especially if they are older.

MerCruiser Catalyst Parts

When it does come time to replace the exhaust on your MerCruiser engine, NuWave Marine makes it easy to find MerCruiser parts. Upgrading to a MerCruiser Catalyst exhaust is highly recommended, since this high-tech exhaust system helps reduce emissions. A new MerCruiser Catalyst system will efficiently vent gasses from your engine and reduce pollution. They are good for your boat and good for the planet. Emissions requirements vary state by state, and country by country, but what is good for the environment anywhere, is good for everyone.

If you’re looking for standard exhaust parts for the V6 4.3 engine, browse MerCruiser 4.3 exhaust kits today.

MerCruiser 350 Exhaust Kits

At NuWave Marine, you’ll find MerCruiser 350 exhaust kits that include the MerCruiser 350 exhaust manifold, riser, gaskets, and bolts - everything you need to replace your exhaust. We offer both premium OEM parts as well as aftermarket parts by Sierra and other top brands. Put simply, we wouldn’t sell MerCruiser exhaust parts that we wouldn’t use ourselves.

Since 1987, NuWave Marine has been supplying boat owners and mechanics here in New Jersey and across the country with the replacement parts they need to keep their boats out of the shop and in the water. If you have any questions about your MerCruiser exhaust, engine, or outdrive, do not hesitate to contact us via phone or email today.