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MerCruiser Exhaust

MerCruiser Exhaust

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If you want maximum performance over decades of use from your MerCruiser inboard engine, routine maintenance on your exhaust system is essential. Corrosion, plus the normal wear and tear of use, can damage your exhaust system, which could lead to poor performance and even serious engine problems. At NuWave Marine, you’ll find a large selection of MerCruiser exhaust system parts, including MerCruiser exhaust manifolds, risers, bellows, and every other replacement part you need to keep your motor in top shape. We carry OEM parts, as well as high-quality parts by Sierra and other leading names.

MerCruiser Exhaust Riser

The exhaust riser is another key component that needs to be inspected as part of routine maintenance. At NuWave Marine you'll find the latest designs that collect hot gasses from the engine and cool them with a water-filled jacket. The efficient outflow of gasses makes your engine run better and can improve its power and lifespan.

MerCruiser Exhaust Manifolds and More

Whether you’re looking for a new MerCruiser transom assembly, MerCruiser exhaust elbows, gaskets or bolts,  NuWave Marine is your one-stop-shop for the highest-quality parts. From MerCruiser exhaust manifolds to complete MerCruiser outdrives and a variety of replacement parts, we have the components you need for yearly maintenance and complete rebuilds. You’ll spend less time in the shop and more time in the water with well-made MerCruiser parts from NuWave Marine. With over 35 years of experience building, servicing, and maintaining marine engines, we know the difference that quality parts can make when you need your boat's engine to perform its best.


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