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MerCruiser Engine and Bearing Grease

MerCruiser Engine and Bearing Grease

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NuWave Marine carries MerCruiser engine and bearing grease to keep your boat’s engine parts well-lubricated for optimal performance and long life. Our high-quality MerCruiser engine grease is an excellent multi-purpose lubricant that is water-resistant and can be used on steering system cables, throttle and shift cables, trailer wheel bearings, and more.

Regularly scheduled routine maintenance is key to keeping your boat on the water, year after year. Keeping engine and drive parts well lubricated should be a big part of the maintenance routine. Along with little components like oil drain screws, grease is something you should always have on hand whenever you’re working on your boat.

MerCruiser Coupler Spline Grease

The coupler carries the full load of your engine’s output, which means that it’s subject to a lot of high-power friction if not lubricated properly. MerCruiser engine coupler grease is essential for reducing friction where the coupler transfers power to the propeller. Don’t forget to stock up on MerCruiser oil filters while you're buying engine grease. Whenever you do repairs on your boat's motor, it's a smart idea to make sure the oil and oil filter are clean, and that all moving parts are coated with a new layer of lubricant.

MerCruiser Alpha One Gimbal Bearing Grease

Gimbal bearings keep your boat’s driveshaft in alignment. They also are subject to friction, and thus, need to be properly lubricated. At NuWave Marine, you’ll find premium MerCruiser gimbal bearing grease that's scientifically formulated to do the job. Reduce heat and friction, and your parts will last longer. That means more fun and less headaches for you. Boat repair shops will want to have multiple types of grease on hand, but gimbal bearing grease is especially important should there be any work done on the coupler or driveshaft.

Get Top-Quality MerCruiser Boat Motor Accessories

NuWave Marine has been a leading supplier of MerCruiser parts and accessories since the 1980s. We’re more than just a website; we have a brick and mortar storefront in Woodbury Heights, NJ, and warehouses located throughout the country. If you have any questions about MerCruiser oil and filter replacement, don’t hesitate to contact our experienced staff. We can help you find the right products and parts for any job.