MerCruiser Fuel Systems

MerCruiser Fuel Systems

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Get top-quality replacement parts for your MerCruiser fuel system from NuWave Marine. Find the right OEM Quicksilver / Mercury Marine fuel pump and cooler kit for your engine by confirming fitment with your serial number. Fuel system replacement parts also include fuel filters, check valves, fuel hoses, fuel pump diaphragm, and injectors.

The last thing you want when you’re trying to enjoy a nice day on the water is problems with your fuel pump. If your engine is sputtering and dying or you’re burning through fuel way too quickly, these might be signs that your motor’s fuel pump or other parts of the fuel system need looking at. Thankfully, we have all the parts you need to refurbish your 4.3 MerCruiser cool fuel system and get your motor back into peak condition. 

Signs That You Need to Replace a MerCruiser Fuel Pump

 Top signs to look for if you suspect that your MerCruiser fuel injection system is not functioning properly include:

 When you start your engine, you don’t hear the sound of your fuel pump engaging

  • Engine sputters or misfires at high speeds
  • Rapid fuel consumption
  • Poor acceleration
  • Increased engine heat
  • Rough or whining engine sounds

 If you find yourself losing speed or experiencing a bumpy ride, this could be due to a clogged fuel filter that is not allowing consistent flow. 

Checklist for Inspecting Your MerCruiser Fuel System

If you notice any symptoms of a poorly functioning MerCruiser outboard fuel system, here’s what to look for when you inspect your motor: 

  • Clogs, cracks, kinks, or leaks in the fuel filters or hose
  • Cracks or other signs of damage in the diaphragm
  • Bends or signs of wear in the vapor separator needle valve
  • Clogs and resistance in the injectors
  • Poor connections
  • Water in the fuel

Based on your findings, reattach loose connections and repair or replace any damaged parts. NuWave Marine has all the MerCruiser engine parts you need to get your motor back into top shape and your boat back on the water. 

MerCruiser 3.0 Fuel System Replacement Parts and Accessories

Is your ignition system glitching out? Need to replace your water distribution housings? Failing MerCruiser exhaust parts? Whatever the problem, let NuWave Marine be part of the solution. From new pumps to cool fuel kits, our customer service experts are ready to advise you on which parts are right for your motor. Buy with peace of mind knowing that we sell only the finest OEM and aftermarket marine engine parts.