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Engine Oil & Accessories

Engine Oil & Accessories

Oil and Accessories

 NuWave Marine has a stocked inventory of top-quality engine oil and accessories to cover all your boat’s oil change needs. 4-stroke and 2-stroke boat engines need different engine oils and accessories to function efficiently. Making sure you have the correct boat supplies and accessories will save you time, hassle, and money. A quick and well-performed oil change for your Mercury outboard, for example, will mean better performance in even the harshest saltwater conditions.

Get the best motor oil for marine engines

NuWave Marine recommends an oil change every 100 hours of operation or at least once a year if you’re not out on the water too often. Synthetic engine oil is a top choice because it incorporates anti-wear additives in the blend. Quality outboard oil will ensure great flow at low temps and stable viscosity at high and low temperatures.

Change the oil filter with every oil change, even during the off-season annual oil change. Using a new oil filter will improve engine oil flow while also helping to normalize the oil pressure. Additionally, a marine engine oil change pump makes the entire oil change process easier and safer. 

Oil change tips

When making an oil change, you can place a rag underneath the oil filter to catch any excess oil that may spill out when removing it. Also, smear a light coat of oil on the oil filter gasket. This coat of oil will make removing the oil filter easier.

You can also use a bilge absorbent collar to clean oil drips on the engine and remove oil from water. Having oil change kits with premium marine engine accessories can also help clean your marine engine after fueling.

Get 4 stroke and 2 stroke marine engine oil and accessories

NuWave Marine has helped mechanics and owners service their engines for over four decades. We sell the best-quality engine oil and accessories like synthetic marine oil, oil changer tanks, drain plugs, drain pumps, and more. If we wouldn’t use a product on our boats, we wouldn’t sell it to you. Get the quality replacement parts and accessories you need to keep your engine running smoothly and keep your boat on the water.